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Organic Beauty You'll Fall In Love With || Tropic

As anyone who has stumbled across this blog before will know, when it comes to Tropic, I'm a hard core fan. They may be a company that I partner with for reviews, but I truly use the products on a daily basis and will rave about them until the cows come home (whenever that is).
This time around the lovely team sent over some of their make up items - I know, squeeee. Skincare is all well and good, and I appreciate when it does the job, but beauty is a whole other ballgame. I think I might have shed a tear when I unpackaged all of this. 


By far, the most exciting item I tried out was the ColourClick Lipstick Collection*, of which I trialled three shades (in order of swatches down below, 'In Bloom', 'Dragonfruit' and 'Poppy'). The packaging of these lipsticks is totally unique to me, in that they literally click open and the lipstick shoots out - I think my Mum and I spent about ten minutes when I unboxed them, just clicking and unclicking. Its addictive, you've been warned. Kind of like a beauty fidget spinner.
In Bloom - a subtle peach
Dragonfruit - a fresh, pink coral
Poppy - a vibrant 1950s red
As for the formula, the word 'buttery' comes to mind; fitting, since they're enriched with oils such as avocado, jojoba and argan. I particularly like the two darker shades, if only because they have more of an impact than the nude, which is a given. The colour just glides on, and stays put for hours without clumping or fading in the centre of the lips. £14 is definitely reasonable for these little beauties, and the shade range is beautiful! I had a hard time picking out some colours to try.

The Lip Glaze* in 'Pink Champagne' is another hit - I tend to be pretty picky with glosses, but this formula is just creamy enough to avoid the tackiness that I dislike. As for the colour pay off, this isn't a gloss with a high pigmentation (like the Bare Minerals Buttercream Glosses), but it is a lovely shimmer that would work well alone or on top of a lipstick. The pricing of this is a little more difficult, considering that if I'm going to buy a lip gloss for £14, I want it to have pigment. That's just personal preference though, and this is an award winning product, so you can't go wrong by adding one to your basket.
Last but not least, the Correcting Cream Concealer* (£22). This product knows how to cover blemishes, let me tell you. The idea of a face product made from 100% natural ingredients appeals to me on a high level; it's so nice to not have to worry what you might be putting on your face. The texture is creamy and blendable, and considering I'm a liquid concealer girl, this went down a treat. On the website the description mentions "oat oil, zinc oxide and arnica extract" to fight blemishes and redness. I didn't even know that oats could produce oil, but if they do I definitely want to be a part of it. My only qualm is the shade range - three shades is not enough for a concealer range, and for someone very pale/dark, there isn't a concealer to fit. Honestly, I think that that's one of the most important factors for a face product!

*These products were sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own.

A million thanks to the wonderful team at Tropic for sending these to me to trial, I had a lot of fun testing shades and am so grateful to be involved with such a kind brand.

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  1. All three shades are right up my alley!! They are pretty

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